Now registering players – December soccer!

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Benefits of Quaker Elite’s 5v5 Soccer:

  • Small-sided games allow for more touches of the ball and will increase skill.
  • On average, players touch the ball 5 times more than playing full sided soccer.
  • Players are involved in three times as many one-on-one situations in 5v5 soccer.
  • On average, goals are scored every two minutes.
  • Smaller playing areas increase players’ ability to play under pressure.
  • Games are played at a quick speed, increasing players speed of play.
  • The format allows players to be creative and free-thinking while playing.
  • It also allows players to increase their knowledge of playing the game.
  • Players will have to adapt to playing various positions.
  • FUN environment for all players.
  • All players receive 100% professionally-coached sessions.