Penn Quakers Host Quaker Elite (part 2)

Below are some more photos of the Tuesday, March 12 and Thursday March 14, 2019, training sessions at the University of Pennsylvania’s historic Franklin Field (the Eagles won the 1960 “NFL Championship Game” here defeating the Lombardi coached Green Bay Packers 17-13).  Despite the massive scale (the stadium holds about 53,000 people) and historic significance of Franklin Field, our players seemed unfazed.

After the training session, the Penn Quakers hosted the Quaker Elites for a Q&A session that won’t soon be forgotten!

A very big thanks again to the Penn Quaker Men’s Soccer coaching staff and players and also to Jeff Wiseman, Penn’s Civic Engagement Coordinator, for pulling this together and being such great hosts and for planning 2 days memorable days for our players!  Many, many thanks!