Quaker Elite is a year-round, travel soccer club based at the William Penn Charter School in Northwest Philadelphia. The Club was founded in 2018 by Mike Falsetta. Mike’s vision for this club was born out of his love of coaching and developing young soccer players in the Philadelphia area. After over 20 years of coaching at various local clubs, such as Lower Merion Soccer Club and Lighthouse, Mike used his experience to create his own unique community soccer club.

Quaker Elite Soccer Club is a non-profit youth soccer organization that seeks to provide athletic opportunities for youth of all ages and skill levels. The club is spearheaded by experienced coaches who wish to train players that are passionate about the game of soccer. The purpose of Quaker Elite Soccer Club extends beyond the art of soccer. Our goal is to craft players into teammates that embody the definitions of hard-work, dedication, and sportsmanship.

Quaker Elite Soccer Club is focused on promoting a love of the game and is an all-inclusive, diverse club bringing together families and players in the community. We are an organization of committed professional coaching staff that challenge players to get the most out of their natural abilities. Our coaching approach allows players of all skill levels to develop and work with experienced coaches who will inspire them to work hard and challenge themselves to improve.

Our mission is to instill a love of the game through practice, competition, and fun that is in alignment with our core values of teamwork, community, and quality coaching. We are a professionally driven, player centered club.

• Teamwork
• Dedication
• Respect
• Integrity
• Perseverance
• Commitment
• Passion
• Effort
• Positive Attitude
• Diversity
• Kindness & Humility

Postal mail:

Quaker Elite Soccer Club

3033 Midvale Ave

Philadelphia, PA 19129